Tiger Family Resources

Welcome to our Resources Page

Charles City County Public Schools is committed to supporting parents as they support their children.  The school division will continue to provide resources to parents that cover an array of topics (supporting the “whole” child).  Likewise, the division will periodically offer parent workshops (virtually and/or in-person) that will equip parents with tools to support children throughout their PreK-12 academic experience and beyond.  

Reading Resources Grades Prek-6

Click here for the Parent Flyer with SOL Reading Resources and Clickable Links

Additional Resources  Grade Level Resource Link  What does it offer?

SMALLab Learning 

K-8 https://resources.smallablearning.com/wink Quick games and quizzes for all subjects in K-8


K-5 No link: Simply call 833-690-0646 (toll free) to hear a story read in both English and Spanish. Each Wednesday, a new story will be available to listeners around the state. 
Read Write Think K-12 https://www.readwritethink.org/

This site includes hundreds of lesson plans, calendar resources, prints, and interactive tools to help students develop their reading annd writing skills.

Teach Your Monster to Read Prek-3 https://www.teachyourmonster.org/

A literacy game from the Usborne Foundation covering reading skills from letter identification and sounds to reading full sentences. This is perfect for extra practice for students that struggle with phonics and decoding skills.

ABCYa! K-6 https://www.abcya.com/games/

Educational games to support literacy development from Pre-K to 6th grade- over 300 in fact!

Math Resources Prek-6

Click here for the Parent Flyer with SOL Math Resources and Clickable Links

Additional Resources  Grade Level Resource Link  What does it offer?

AAA Math






Comprehensive set of thousands of math games, and lessons for grades K-8.  Immediate feedback helps students learn the correct way of doing arithmatic.




Created for kids ages preschool through grade 8, Funbrain offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading, and literacy.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives





A treasure-chest of virtual hands-on math. Includes links to material for all ages and topics, pre-K through 12th grade.

Science Resources Grades Prek-12

Click here for the Parent Flyer with SOL Science Resources and Clickable Links

Additional Resources  Grade Level Resource Link 
SOL PASS  3-10


Test Nav Practice SOL Items  3-12


Click here for practice item answer key and walkthrough guide


History Resources Grades k-12

Click here for the Parent Flyer with SOL History Resources and Clickable Links

Additional Resources  Grade Level Resource Link  What is it?
History of Mali 3rd grade, US1, WH1 Click here for resources for elementary, middle, and HS  Instructional resources for reviewing the History, geography, and culture of Mali.  Students learn this in 3rd grade, but revisit this more in depth in US1, and WH1 in Middle/High School. 
Civil Rights and Brown vs. Board of education Resources 4th-VA Studies http://brownscholarship.virginia.gov/resources.asp Materials highlight the role that Virginia and Virginians had leading up to the landmark Supreme Court Case and the impact of Massive Resistance in communities across the state.


Community Den

The Community Den is a resource room located in room 218, in the wing behind the school board office.  The Den is available to all students, staff, families, and community members.  All items are free to those who might need them. Items available in the Den include school supplies, household supplies – paper products, cleaning products, laundry detergent, etc., hygiene supplies, clothing/shoes, books, and food.  There are also computers with internet and printing access and information on community resources.  The Den is open by appointment only.  It is a resource that is available to our students, and they are welcome to come down if they have made an appointment to visit the den.

Backpack Program

The Tiger Pack and Panther Pack program is aimed at providing health meals for our students over the weekends. Every Friday identified students are provided with a backpack of food to help supplement what families are able to provide at home.  With the high percentage of students that receive free or reduced lunch at CCES, this program has been a source of support for many families. Last year we sent home 49 backpacks, which provided food for 130 children.  Backpacks are packed every Wednesday and distributed to students on Friday before the end of the day. The first backpacks will be sent home on November 3, 2023, and this program will run through the end of the school year. 

Contact our School Social Worker, Joy Johns at jjohns@ccps.net, or Mental Health Specialist, Tamika Jarvis at tjarvis@ccps.net